All religions have touted some form of “allow” throughout history. It can be described as faith, trust or non-attachment. It can be as simple as a pause in conversation when you forgot a word, or as intense as using breathing to deal with physical or emotional pain. A mundane example of “allowing” is the art of merging in traffic, or the decision to relax in a situation you cannot control. A sense of “Allowing” can help regulate blood pressure in that moment of stress, and can help you confront fear without losing yourself to panic.

The thing about “allowing” is that it needs to be cultivated, practiced in small ways routinely so that when you’re faced with an intense experience you have “allowing” as a familiar tool. It’s really as simple as a breath… giving ourselves space and time to connect with our Higher Self. As we busily run from task to task in the course of our day we can practice this when we meet with delays or minor obstacles, exercising our “allowing” muscle so that we become gradually stronger in our capacity to adapt to new circumstances and conditions around us.

The next time you feel frustrated in the moment, or rushed, take a breath, and simply allow the path or course of events to unfold as an observer. Center yourself and feel the difference in the experience you are having. Like unwinding a jumble of cords, if you relax and allow, the knot is gently undone.