I had read a couple of articles about the benefits of salt room therapy for allergy sufferers, and as someone who struggles with both Spring and Fall allergies, and year-round pet allergies, I was happy to learn that Salt Sanctuary of Maryland would be opening in this area. I went in to give it a try and was quite pleased with the results. First, the place of business is sparkling clean and welcoming. I enjoyed the hour of relaxation in the actual salt room, with quiet music playing and a comfortable chair to stretch out in. I felt relaxed and refreshed after spending an hour laying back and breathing in the salt air. That is all there was to it…relax and breathe. On the ride home, my sinuses opened up and began to drain. By the next morning I was breathing like a regular person! My head was clear, which it had not been for a while. I was impressed and pleased that one visit could have that result. I plan on regular visits throughout the Spring allergy season because it would be so nice to actually be able to enjoy Spring this year. Also a much nicer experience than the shots and medications I have tried in the past.