I have seen “Salt Rooms” advertised in Europe for relief from allergies, but I did not realize this spa therapy is available in the United States. This facility is brand new at a backside of a strip mall that is easy to find right off of I-95 near Columbia. Plenty of parking. I discovered it by chance and decided to give it a try after getting a discount for the Grand Opening. Loved it! This place really helped relieve my chronic congestion and sore nasal passages. The owner was very friendly and professional and explained the benefits of halotherapy. After she gave me info on what to expect, I put my valuables, etc. in a personal locker and then took off my shoes and covered my feet with disposable foot coverings. I then entered the Salt Room which is a room literally covered in salt, walls and floor. I believe it is Dead Sea Salt. It is like walking in sand except it is salt. The lighting is low and warm and I sat in a zero gravity recliner and was provided with a snuggly blanket and told to just get comfortable and really relax and concentrate on deep relaxed breathing. The session began and meditative music was played that really got me relaxed. Then salt was pumped into the room on and off through a small pipe opening throughout the session. After 20 minutes I could feel my sinuses/passages opening and my sinus headache lessening. The meditative music and the deeper breathing made me so relaxed, I felt like I had a deep nap when it was over. There also was a room with an automatic massage bed in it, which I tried, that rolls up and down the spine (actually from head to ankles) with infrared heat and does accupressure points. It was a bit like a massage chair and felt very good. it was good for my lower back pain. I liked it because it was a relaxing massage without the hassle of getting undressed, tipping, etc. I can see myself using this sometimes during my lunch hour. Overall, I liked what this place had to offer and I bought a small package to use when allergy season begins in a few weeks.