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Salt Therapy

The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland began with a simple yet powerful understanding that health is a precious aspect of life that can be protected, improved, and maintained so that life can be enjoyed and lived to the fullest!

Salt Cave Yoga

Experience relaxing and refreshing yin yoga at the beautiful and serene Salt Sanctuary! Our classes include breathwork and meditation to support your wellness holistically.

Infrared Massage Bed

As part of our forward-thinking and integrative approach to wellness, we offer massage therapy on a MIGUN Infrared Bed. The MIGUN Infrared Bed is an approved US FDA 510K Class II Medical Device that may be used without a prescription.

Sound Healing

For a whole body reset that is enjoyable, relaxing, and effective, explore the benefits of Sound Healing.

Energy Healing

Achieve emotional and mental clarity to overcome problems and release the burdens holding you back…energy healing can support your personal growth and happiness.