By Mary Miller

At some point we’ve all taken a look back at our life history and pondered some of our choices. We may wonder why we keep repeating certain themes and making decisions that really don’t bring us much happiness.  A theme of painful relationships, poor financial decisions, or loss of friendships may emerge.

How does this happen? Our choices are driven by our beliefs, and in the realm of energy, these are like pathways…. once traveled down, a path becomes more entrenched.  Once you have a belief that you are a certain way or your life is a certain way, this limits your thoughts and perception, which often means making the same choice or having the same reaction again and again, rather than seeing a different path, solution, or choice.

If we stop and pay attention, it can be so clear that we often operate as if we are within a closed loop that keeps repeating.  So how do you open the loop and set yourself free from the repetition?  Recognizing that you are a participant in the pattern is the first step!

Change can be scary even when we know it’s a positive thing. Our will, or desire to change, gets us only so far because some beliefs are so entrenched they are invisible to us.  Energy work by-passes the conscious mind and the ego to work in the realm of vibration, helping you tune into different possibilities for the life you are creating. Energy has no attachment or agenda.  When energy is channeled through a pure intention to simply balance and clear, then anything is possible, and that includes changing or releasing life themes.

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