Energy healing as grief support is powerful.

Within our grief is a sense that we are alone, and that in having lost a loved one we have been left behind.  We may have fears and distress regarding the loved one’s manner of passing. It is not uncommon to feel guilt, anguish, sorrow, anger. These all contribute to the pain and despair of grief.

Processing the emotional experience of loss can help on many levels. And when receiving healing energetic vibrations through energy work, we also come away with greater awareness that there is more to us than our physical selves. We sense our connection to something greater. We recognize our limitless and timeless nature. We may feel relief through a new perspective on our belonging as part of a greater whole, which includes our “lost” loved one.

We come to understand deep inside ourselves that energetically we are all connected. This understanding can lead to greater peace, as we recognize that when there is no separation, our loved ones are not alone, and we cannot be left behind.