Breathing through the nose has been spotlighted as an important key to robust health. It’s not that we can’t “get by” with breathing through our mouths, but that’s not what our mouths are meant for. Breathing is what our noses are designed to do, and nasal breathing is intricately linked to a cascade of important physiological processes.

The nasal mucosa and its cilia (tiny hairlike structures) also act as a physical barrier to particles and germs. Therefore, nasal breathing lowers the risk of allergies and infections as compared to mouth breathing.

The turbinates of the nose are structures which help heat and humidify the air we take in, making it comfortable and less drying to breathe. Breathing through the mouth increases the risk of sleep apnea, dry mouth, and a more acidic saliva, contributing further to risk factors for heart disease and tooth decay.

Furthermore, as we breathe nasally our paranasal sinuses produce nitric oxide, an important gas which helps regulate blood vessel dilation in the body. The nitric oxide is inhaled into our lungs, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to regulate circulation and improve
oxygenation and blood vessel function. Nitric oxide production by the sinuses requires adequate airflow, and can’t occur if airflow is blocked by congestion.

One enlightening book on the topic of breathing is Breath, by James Nestor. Nestor describes participating in tests designed to track various biomarkers over 2 weeks when he was restricted to breathing only through his mouth. His nose was completely plugged by doctors so that changes in body function could be measured and compared.

Not only did Nestor find he felt physically and mentally awful during the study, but his health objectively and dramatically declined during this time. His blood pressure and resting heart rate increased significantly. His sleep, performance, and mood suffered, The biomarkers improved once his nose was unplugged and he began breathing nasally again.

Nestor makes the point that breathing through the nose, or nasal breathing, is in fact normal and much more important for wellness than most people know. Of course, if you’re an allergy sufferer, you already know how uncomfortable and disruptive a stuffed up nose can be!

What can be done to make nasal breathing easier? Practices that will increase patency of the nasal sinuses are key. Many people use sinus rinses with distilled water or sterile saline. Nasal strips such as “Breathe Right” can also be helpful, as can exhaling through the nose repeatedly a few times, even if congestion is present, to pressurize and open the sinuses. Nestor also describes a practice called “mouth taping” to assist in training oneself to breathe nasally. There are medical grade tape products available to help people who are beginning mouth taping. And of course, halotherapy, which is the breathing of dry salt aerosols, can also support sinus drainage and better nasal breathing!



Lung and Sinus Support (soothe and decongest the lungs and sinuses)

Cough Support (soften and calm your cough after respiratory illness)

Histamine Balance (tamp down the histamine reaction that causes allergies)


You may be wondering what Cryoskin is all about and whether it can help you. Cryoskin is a non-invasive method of targeted cryo-lipolysis, or breaking down of fat cells. And it works, but it works best if you work along with it! You still need to be following through on taking care of your body with sound nutrition and exercise. These only make Cryoskin results faster and better.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Cryoskin is for inch loss, not weight loss. You may not lose much weight even though you will get smaller and tighter in the targeted area. This will be more significant and sustainable if you follow aftercare instructions.
  2. Most people experience gradual, progressive inch loss.  You will usually experience a measurable change during every session. The amount lost will vary based on many factors, including hydration. This change is primarily due to vasoconstriction and collagen tightening in response to the cold, and within 1-3 days the area could measure the same as before the treatment. However, over the next two weeks there will be gradual loss of fat cells in the treated area. Therefore, when you return each time your “before” measurement should be a little smaller than the prior visit’s “before” measurement. Over the weeks, this will add up!
  3. The cold will encourage deposition of collagen which will help your skin become firmer. Be sure to eat plenty of balanced protein during treatment, as this provides the essential amino acids needed to create collagen ad maintain your metabolism.
  4. If you are not watching your diet and limiting alcohol intake, particularly in the days right after treatment, you may re-deposit fat. Alcohol inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat. We recommend avoiding alcohol of any kind in any amount. We also suggest following a vegetable and protein-centric diet, avoiding both refined carbohydrates and high fat foods for at least a few days after your treatment.
  5. Engaging in cardio enough to breathe heavily is strongly recommended, as this supports both fat burning and the fat excretion process. Brisk walking, jogging, biking, elliptical, etc for at least 30-45 minutes 3-5x week will maximize results. The activity must cause you to breathe harder. Did you know that 84% of the fat you lose is actually EXHALED?? 
  • You are not losing weight, but you are measuring smaller in the treated area.
  • If you have been stalled at a weight plateau despite dieting, you might notice a sudden drop of a couple lbs on the scale as your metabolism and physiology shift in response to the cold input.
  • You have a sensation of tightness in the treated area.
  • Your clothes are getting looser or fitting differently overall.

Cryoskin is an effective and supportive tool for sculpting your body, no matter your age, and it helps to know what to expect.  We look forward to helping you be your personal best!

Energy healing as grief support is powerful.

Within our grief is a sense that we are alone, and that in having lost a loved one we have been left behind.  We may have fears and distress regarding the loved one’s manner of passing. It is not uncommon to feel guilt, anguish, sorrow, anger. These all contribute to the pain and despair of grief.

Processing the emotional experience of loss can help on many levels. And when receiving healing energetic vibrations through energy work, we also come away with greater awareness that there is more to us than our physical selves. We sense our connection to something greater. We recognize our limitless and timeless nature. We may feel relief through a new perspective on our belonging as part of a greater whole, which includes our “lost” loved one.

We come to understand deep inside ourselves that energetically we are all connected. This understanding can lead to greater peace, as we recognize that when there is no separation, our loved ones are not alone, and we cannot be left behind.

By Mary Miller

At some point we’ve all taken a look back at our life history and pondered some of our choices. We may wonder why we keep repeating certain themes and making decisions that really don’t bring us much happiness.  A theme of painful relationships, poor financial decisions, or loss of friendships may emerge.

How does this happen? Our choices are driven by our beliefs, and in the realm of energy, these are like pathways…. once traveled down, a path becomes more entrenched.  Once you have a belief that you are a certain way or your life is a certain way, this limits your thoughts and perception, which often means making the same choice or having the same reaction again and again, rather than seeing a different path, solution, or choice.

If we stop and pay attention, it can be so clear that we often operate as if we are within a closed loop that keeps repeating.  So how do you open the loop and set yourself free from the repetition?  Recognizing that you are a participant in the pattern is the first step!

Change can be scary even when we know it’s a positive thing. Our will, or desire to change, gets us only so far because some beliefs are so entrenched they are invisible to us.  Energy work by-passes the conscious mind and the ego to work in the realm of vibration, helping you tune into different possibilities for the life you are creating. Energy has no attachment or agenda.  When energy is channeled through a pure intention to simply balance and clear, then anything is possible, and that includes changing or releasing life themes.

Ready to let go of old patterns and usher in a new sense of being? Call today for an energy healing session.

Allison Barnes, our guest, is a full-time executive coach in NYC with over 20 years of international coaching experience. A transition expert, Allison specializes in helping people perform at their best during times of change and uncertainty.

Allison joins us today to offer a few strategies for coping with stress whether you’re working at home or at the office.

To learn more about Allison, visit her website at

A new study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences suggests this is true. (1)

Mast cells play an important role in the human immune system. Present in most of our tissues, mast cells are highly concentrated in the nasal mucosa, where they sense and respond to foreign particles. Mast cells contain histamines and release them in response to any substance considered a threat, creating the inflammatory response we know as allergies. Mast cells are known to be key drivers of the allergic response.

Interestingly, dermatologists have long known that a stress hormone called  “corticotropin-releasing stress hormone” (or CRH) will cause mast cells in the skin to increase their numbers and release more histamines. A team of dermatological researchers in Japan hypothesized that the same relationship may exist between CRH and mast cells found in the nose, which would explain why many allergy sufferers report that their symptoms worsen when they’re under stress.

When the team added CRH to a human nasal polyp organ culture, the number of mast cells increased, more histamines were released, and mast cell proliferation occurred. Similar patterns were observed in a mouse model, which showed that an increase in the level of stress hormone CRH led to increased numbers of  nasal mast cells and increased histamine levels. This work provides evidence that increased stress increases the allergic response in our nasal mucosa, not just the skin.

Could reducing stress help with your allergies? There’s a simple and enjoyable way to find out! Salt therapy sessions are very relaxing, improving mental resilience through rest and reflection. Salt therapy also decreases allergy symptoms, clearing stuffy sinuses and upper respiratory congestion.

So if you’re a sufferer, salt therapy could be a perfect drug-free way to address your allergies and the misery they cause. Call today and positively impact your health on multiple levels!



Yamanaka-Takaichi et al. Stress and Nasal Allergy: Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Stimulates Mast Cell Degranulation and Proliferation in Human Nasal Mucosa. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021; 22 (5): 2773

All religions have touted some form of “allow” throughout history. It can be described as faith, trust or non-attachment. It can be as simple as a pause in conversation when you forgot a word, or as intense as using breathing to deal with physical or emotional pain. A mundane example of “allowing” is the art of merging in traffic, or the decision to relax in a situation you cannot control. A sense of “Allowing” can help regulate blood pressure in that moment of stress, and can help you confront fear without losing yourself to panic.

The thing about “allowing” is that it needs to be cultivated, practiced in small ways routinely so that when you’re faced with an intense experience you have “allowing” as a familiar tool. It’s really as simple as a breath… giving ourselves space and time to connect with our Higher Self. As we busily run from task to task in the course of our day we can practice this when we meet with delays or minor obstacles, exercising our “allowing” muscle so that we become gradually stronger in our capacity to adapt to new circumstances and conditions around us.

The next time you feel frustrated in the moment, or rushed, take a breath, and simply allow the path or course of events to unfold as an observer. Center yourself and feel the difference in the experience you are having. Like unwinding a jumble of cords, if you relax and allow, the knot is gently undone.

Energy Healing is an amazing support for health of the physical body.

Cells communicate constantly with each other. Medical science knows that chemical messengers such as cytokines and proteins are the language of the cells. For example, when we break a bone, or cut ourselves, our cells go into action towards healing by recruiting other cells to fight infection and rebuild tissues.

Energy healing utilizes the power of vibrational frequencies to help balance healing processes and accelerate the best outcome. Holding the highest vibrational state for the body and mind encourages the cells to function properly. Improved energetic flow helps the body to rest and restore itself, achieving a better state of health.

The change of seasons creates upper respiratory symptoms and discomfort for allergy sufferers. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and the numbers continue to rise. Allergy sufferers seek relief from a variety of prescription medications, decongestants, and antihistamines, but many find these agents cannot deliver long term relief. As a result, an increasing number of patients are turning to complementary therapies.

Known in Eastern Europe for well over 100 years but relatively new to the US, is the concept of dry salt therapy. In a dry salt therapy room, participants relax for 45 minutes and breathe in micronized pure pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride. The aerosolized salt particles are small enough to be breathed into the sinus cavities and deep into the lungs to cleanse, clear mucus, and reduce inflammation. Salt also kills bacteria and can support the body’s immune response to allergens, irritants, and pathogens.

In addition to allergies, clinical studies show that Halotherapy (salt therapy) is also beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of asthma, allergic and chronic bronchitis, frequent colds, mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and a number of sinus issues. Doctors and scientists champion the benefits of salt therapy as a natural, side-effect free, and low cost option to alleviate symptoms, breathe easier, and feel better.

Our physical bodies are surrounded by etheric layers of our energy. When any type of trauma occurs, it creates an imbalance or injury which can work its way through these energy layers. Unstopped, these imbalances may eventually manifest physically as illness or pain.

Energy Healing improves the vibrational alignment and flow of the energies within our physical body and the etheric bodies that surround it. Energy Healing is a body of work that addresses imbalances, releases retained negative or toxic experiences, and encourages a higher vibration to replace lower vibrations in any realm. The experience is calming to our psyche, and helps us reclaim a sense of well-being.

Energy Healing appointments are private and are available evenings and weekends. They can even be completed in our salt cave with a concurrent salt session for those suffering from respiratory ailments or who simply want to experience these delightful therapies together.