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Energy Healing for Grief

Energy healing as grief support is powerful. Within our grief is a sense that we are alone, and that in having lost a loved one we have been left behind.  We may have fears and distress regarding the loved one’s manner of passing. It is not uncommon to feel guilt, anguish, sorrow, anger. These all […]

Life Themes and Energy Work

By Mary Miller At some point we’ve all taken a look back at our life history and pondered some of our choices. We may wonder why we keep repeating certain themes and making decisions that really don’t bring us much happiness.  A theme of painful relationships, poor financial decisions, or loss of friendships may emerge. […]

The power of “Allowing”

All religions have touted some form of “allow” throughout history. It can be described as faith, trust or non-attachment. It can be as simple as a pause in conversation when you forgot a word, or as intense as using breathing to deal with physical or emotional pain. A mundane example of “allowing” is the art […]

Energy Healing for Physical Health

Energy Healing is an amazing support for health of the physical body. Cells communicate constantly with each other. Medical science knows that chemical messengers such as cytokines and proteins are the language of the cells. For example, when we break a bone, or cut ourselves, our cells go into action towards healing by recruiting other […]

What is Energy Healing?

Our physical bodies are surrounded by etheric layers of our energy. When any type of trauma occurs, it creates an imbalance or injury which can work its way through these energy layers. Unstopped, these imbalances may eventually manifest physically as illness or pain. Energy Healing improves the vibrational alignment and flow of the energies within […]

Coronavirus: Into the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is a basic human reaction. It resides in our cellular memory, from all the times we needed it to survive. The coronavirus exemplifies an unexpected and unknowable mass event. We have no idea how our lives will ultimately be affected. And predictably, the Unknown has brought us all to fear. How […]